Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Implementing a routine maintenance program will extend the life of your carpet. Carpet and flooring is a hefty portion of a designer’s budget, and great thought and consideration goes into the design, color and material. Make sure part of your flooring decision includes a reliable maintenance program. A dirty carpet not only reflects poorly on a facility’s image, but it can become an expensive burden to repair. Dirt and bits of soil break down carpet fibers quickly. Replacement of carpet due to premature deterioration and soil is a financial setback and often not accounted for in the building’s financial plan. Safeguard this investment with us.

At Flooring Resources, we know how important caring for this asset is. Regular cleaning by certified professionals will help your carpet meet warranty requirements and keep its “brand new” look longer.

Build a maintenance strategy

Get started on the right foot. A well-planned and budgeted maintenance program will prevent any costly “restorative” treatments to your floors. Restorative cleaning may never bring a fully satisfactory appearance to your carpet. Routine care will prevent your facility from ever reaching early replacement levels. Cleaning it is cheaper than replacing it!

Provide a healthy environment

A clean carpet not only looks and smells better, it can improve the quality of life in your workspace. Carpets that are not regularly maintained can harbor dust, microorganisms and other air pollutants. These can be respiratory irritants, and cause productivity loss due to illness. One of the main causes of airborne illnesses is “sick building” syndrome and can easily be prevented by proper carpet maintenance. Promote the well-being of your employees by maintaining a healthy working environment.

We can help!

Flooring Resources Corporation is part of the national Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance maintenance network. That means we are qualified to provide the highest quality, contemporary cleaning methods and equipment. Our representatives will work with your existing maintenance staff to identify building traffic patterns and areas of high soil. Daily vacuuming and attention to spills is required in high traffic areas such as entrances, hallways, lunch rooms and reception areas. We can show you where to place grated entrance mats near doorways. Moderate traffic areas may include conference rooms, offices and secondary aisles. These areas will need to be identified for intermittent cleaning.

We can then provide you with a maintenance road map and color coded diagrams based on your facility’s unique needs. We’ll show you when, where and how to keep your carpet looking its best. From simple spot treatments to deep cleaning, Flooring Resources has you covered!