Timing. Budgeting. Meeting needs.

Delivering on these three customer demands is the key to a successful project. Callbacks and long punch lists are not “business as usual” anymore, and they don’t have to eat into profits or your reputation. There are superior solutions available.  INSTALL contractors use skilled, productive professionals trained to reduce flooring installation errors. INSTALL, the International Standards and Training Alliance, helps you achieve a successful flooring project.

Our installers are trained  to install products according to specifications. We are recognized by dozens of the leading mills and manufacturers who partner with us to guarantee that we train in accordance with today’s labor market.

This partnership eliminates guesswork and replaces it with superior installation based on rigorous training standards.

Why You Should Insist on INSTALL

Installers are confident and take pride in their craft. They are productive and understand how to act in an occupied area.  

We are available. There are INSTALL training centers throughout North America, keeping thousands of INSTALL-trained professionals on top of their game. These are trusted employees of who are ready to complete your project.  INSTALL is supported by a more than 175 million annual international training program of the UBC.

Your project is an investment in your future. Take the next step to protect that investment, and insist on INSTALL-trained flooring professionals. When you insist on INSTALL, you will enjoy the benefits of jobs done right the first time.  Flooring Resources employs 100% INSTALL-trained installers who are ready to do the job professionally and on time.