Green Education Services

Flooring Resources can assist you with questions about products and best practices for the environment.  We are also prepared to handle the necessary paperwork and documentation for all projects attempting LEED certification.

We can provide you with:

  • LEED Accredited Professional on staff to answer questions and guide you through the paperwork process
  • Detailed LEED project documentation
  • Customized Recycling Certificates and Documentation available for your projects to ensure your compliance 
  • Assistance selecting recycled, low VOC or green products and adhesives
  • Help identifying products that may jeopardize your attempts for LEED certification
  • Recycling options for your demolition material


Moisture Issues Education

Today’s construction environment is inundated with moisture issues. Issues that arise with moisture problems include:

  • Delamination of floor and coatings
  • Indoor air quality reduction
  • Deterioration of wall coatings and mold
  • Damage to items stored on the floor
  • Safety issues -slips, falls, tripping hazards
  • ASR (alkali silica reaction) and ASR (alkali aggregate reaction)
  • Unsatisfied end users & costly repairs

The answer to combating this issue is not to contiune throwing money into fixing the symptoms. The real solution is to increase communication between all parties (end user, architect, GC, subcontractor, manufacturer) and prevent the problem before it starts. Flooring Resources has developed an informational presentation designed to help you educate your staff on the moisture problems presented in today’s market.