One Stop Shop

Flooring Resources can save you both time and money by being your flooring renovation one stop shop. No need to look for another team to remove old flooring materials prior to installation. Our INSTALL certified employees have been trained in the proper way to remove existing flooring in order to ensure that your new flooring will not be compromised by lasting issues caused by leftover materials. Your project is an investment in your future, take the next step to protect that investment.

Ready to Tackle Any Job

Flooring Resources is equipped with the proper tools to handle demolition jobs on any scale. Regardless if it's ceramic, wood, linoleum, heavy duty adhesive, broadloom, or even concrete, we have the equipment to handle the problem.

Creating a Safer Workplace

Flooring Resources considers safety key to its job sites, and its values are reflected in its equipment. FRC was the first flooring contractor in Chicagoland to move to a 100% HEPA filtered fleet of sanders and vacuums. We also have moved to all electric machinery and removed exhaust emitting, propane powered equipment. Doing this has allowed us to create a healthier work environment for our installers, free of harmful debris and exhaust fumes.