Property Managers

Property Managers

Product Knowledge

Flooring Resources is a go-to resource for many property managers. We can assist you in budgeting and taking the guesswork out of refreshing tenant space. Our team is highly skilled and has many years of experience working in the commercial interiors market.

Flooring Resources has a huge in house sample library and strong relationships with all the major flooring manufacturers which allows us quick access to samples. We can help you match existing finishes and give product recommendations to refresh a tenant space. If you are looking for a quick makeover to tenant space, allow us to assist you. We also have many overstock products that can be used for a low-cost or temporary solution while redesigning or repairing.

Occupied Space

Flooring Resources also has a very efficient furniture lift program which allows us to change the carpet overnight without disassembling furniture workstation. This allows us to work with minimal interruption and downtime to occupied offices. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you.