Manufacturers' Reps

General Contractors

What can a good dealer do for you?

They install your product in a professional manner. They are dedicated to keeping their installers trained and up to date on certifications your products require. They run their business well, have strong lines of credit and are financially secure to pay for your material.  You can ask them to enter an order a day or two early if it helps you out. You can ask them to take delivery of an order before they really need it. They can position you in front of a customer or General Contractor in a positive light, or at the right price. They can solve small installation problems before there is an issue with the GC or owner. They can pass on leads. They can give you a heads up on other manufacturer's issues. They can help you strategize on new or existing customers. They can partner up with you on a sales call or end user target. They have great relationships with end use customers. They have great relationships with A&D firms and are asked for advice on specifying products.

What can a poor dealer do for you?

They could switch your product spec. Make mistakes on take offs and be short material, causing a fire drill and nightmare for ordering. Butcher your product because they aren't educated about proper installation methods. Butcher your job because they skimped on material and added lots of cuts. In front of the GC or owner they highlight and blame you if there is anything slightly wrong with the product. You can't take their order because they don't have any credit, or they can't afford the deposit. 

Partner with a good dealer!

Flooring Resources has a lot to offer product reps. We both have the same goals, to exceed the customers' expectations and to garner repeat business. We view the relationships with product reps as partnerships. We always want to be informed of how we can help each other. Whether it be training for our employees or early communication on projects, we are willing to build strong alliances with our product reps. We are committed to installing products the right way, the first time. We don't take shortcuts and want to communicate early and often on any potential issues, so our customers see us both in the most positive light.