General Contractors

General Contractors


Flooring Resources has been working as a partner with general contractors from the very beginning. We value the strong relationships we hold with all of Chicagoland and the nation's largest general contractors. Our team is highly skilled and has many years of experience working in all of the commercial construction markets. We can handle long term multi-million dollar projects as well as quick turnaround projects. We have hundreds of years of combined experience budgeting and installing all types of flooring material. Our installers are INSTALL Certified and have completed additional training such as 10 & 30 Hour OSHA, First Aid & CPR and many manufacturer certifications. We offer a secure warranty on all of our installation work.


We have an excellent safety program which has been recognized by the National Safety Council, American Subcontractor Association and many of our general contractor customers. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in new safety technology. This is appreciated by our customers and emulated by our competitors. Our safety program served as the model for the Professional Flooring Installers Association's safety program. Flooring Resources can help you minimize risk by partnering with a flooring contractor that raises the bar on all safety standards.

Moisture Testing

Finally, Flooring Resources is an educator on the subject of moisture testing. Moisture in concrete is a topic plaguing the construction industry in recent years. Our team regularly attends seminars with the nation's moisture experts to keep abreast on the latest developments on moisture in concrete. We always abide by all ASTM standards when moisture testing. Flooring Resources can also provide educational seminars on moisture testing for your staff. Contact us today, there is definitely something we can help you with!